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Z750-D1 Export

The Z2 range was never officially exported from Japan until Kawasaki decided to market the Z750-D1 exclusively for the South African market during 1979. As you can see from the Official Photograph shown below, it looks identical to the home market Z750-D1 apart from the engine being in bare aluminium colour, but there are more changes than at first glance.






Shown right is an extract from a Kawasaki Recognition Manual showing the Export model. I suspect the "Engine Number" designation is a typo, as I'm pretty sure it should be Z2E prefix and not KZ750DE.


Production of the export model didn’t start until May 1978 which was quite late in the D1 production run, but continued up until the end of D1 production in November 1978. It is very difficult to know how many export models were made because they were manufactured in tandem with the domestic model, but looking at data available, I’d guess at around 400 units. Sales in South Africa commenced late 1978, although the bike is officially designated as a 1979 model.

Despite the publicity photo looking identical to the Japan market D1 (apart from the unpainted engine) there are several differences which would suggest that the Kawasaki Official Photo was taken some time before the model was actually produced. Probably when the Japan market D1 was being photographed. I suspect a non-painted engine was fitted in a Japan market rolling chassis.
























Thanks to the pictures above supplied by Marco showing a fairly original Export model, backed up by the information in the Export model Parts Book, the main differences compared to Japan model are:

  • Barrel colour engine - same as all other Z-series models for the Rest of the World (ROW)
  • Left Hand switchgear - same as UK type - (Note that the Right Hand switchgear is same as Japan D1 and ROW)
  • Rear Mudguard is 'long' type - same as European model Z-series (as such, the rear light assembly is also different to suit)
  • Brake Master Cylinder - 'Square' type same as Z1000-A3/A4 models for ROW
  • Speedometer - Same as Z650 models for ROW that have KPH meters
  • Tachometer - No information as to whether this is a South African specific item or if it is found on any other Z-series bikes
  • Headlight Assy - Same as earlier Z2 motorcycles, but different to the Japan model D1 (No idea why!)
  • Main Wiring Harness - Same as ROW Z-series since it doesn't need the Speed warning loom.

Selective Z750-D1 part numbers

Master Cylinder = 43015-1010            Speedometer = 25005-1013               Tachometer = 25015-1022           Headlight assy = 24004-054  

Main wiring loom = 26001-1035     Left Hand switchgear = 46091-058         Rear mudguard = 35022-123         Rear light Assy = 23024-066

Z750-D1 Export specifications

List Price: No Information

Colour: Luminous Red or Luminous Green

Owner’s Manual: 99922-1043-01

Shop Manual: None Provided (Kawasaki suggest 99997-700-07 -Z900 manual for reference)

Frame number: From KZ750D-002301

Engine number: From Z2E-023207