Kawasaki Z2 - 750RS

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This is the last model covered in this guide as it is what I consider to be the final offering from Kawasaki in the Z1 / Z2 style before the ‘boxier’ designed models finally killed off the marque.


Its direct equivalent would have been the Z1000-A2 and for once KHI did adopt some of the ‘improvements’ associated with the Z1000 range. At last, the rear disc brake found its way onto the model and similarly, the twin discs up front changed to behind the forks configuration. However, the bike retained its 4 into 4 exhaust system and black engine and so still retained quite a strong resemblance to its Z1 / Z900 heritage.


The D1 went into production in June 1977 and was offered in both of the Z1000-A2 colour options of Luminous Red or Green with Gold stripes.


For some reason KHI altered the steering angle to 64.5° from 64° and perhaps for this reason a brand new frame number series started. The first number allocated was KZ750D000101. The engine however remained the same as all its predecessors and continued to keep the Z2E…. number code – the start number being Z2E21001.


The only mid-term change to parts was on the swing arm. The first 400 bikes had a single needle bearing per side (92046-061). From Frame Number KZ750D000501, the Swing Arm had 2 needle bearings per side.


Production finally came to an end in November 1978 after approximately 3800 units had been manufactured.

      Z750-D1 Brochure images


                                                                                    Z750-D1 Sales brochures (2 different brochures were produced for this model)

       Z750-D1 specifications

List Price: 495000 Yen

Colour: Luminous Red or Luminous Green


Owner’s Manual: 99921-1013-01 (from June 1977) and 99921-1013-02 (from Feb 1978)

Shop Manual: 99925-1004-01

Parts Book: 99910-1060-01

Service Log Book: No information

      Selective Z750-D1 part numbers

There are numerous changes to parts from A5 to D1 model. For anyone needing to know specific ones, please email me. Alternatively, look at a Z1000-A2 parts book which should suffice for most parts.

Frame: 32002-1006 Master Cylinder: 43015-039 

  Speedometer: 25005-1014 Tachometer: 25015-1009 (shown right)

Carb Assy: 16001-1018 Headlight assy: 24004-1008

Main wiring loom: 26001-1010 Left Hand switchgear: 46091-1012

Rear mudguard: 35022-072 Rear light Assy: 23024-081

Swing Arm: 33001-1005 (to KZ750D-000500) 33001-1020 (KZ750D-000501 onward)