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It seems rather odd that KHI decided to allocate a new model recognition for this bike considering that they chose not to for the change from Z2A to (the non-existent) Z2B.

The model is visually almost identical to the A4 model. I can only assume that Kawasaki’s share of the big bike market was starting to suffer after 3 years of Z2 market dominance. Perhaps they thought that a new model, with new colour schemes launched with an updated sales brochure would revive sagging sales.


The bike would have been the direct equivalent to our Z1000-A1, but in fact a lot of the ‘improvements’ applicable to that model never found their way to the Z750-A5.

Primarily, the rear disc brake never made it, nor did the 4 into 2 exhaust system.

The only obvious difference at first glance was the colour scheme change to the Z1000-A1 styles, that is Diamond Wine Red or Diamond Sky Blue with gold striping.


There were of course other changes: The speedometer was altered to a maximum speed indication of 190 KPH instead of the previous 220 KPH. (Tachometer remained the same as the A4 model). The clutch lever bracket changed to take the cut-out switch wiring (27043-002). Starter motor changed as from Z900 to Z1000. A Limiter Assembly 21173-001 was added. Brake calipers changed from Z900 (43041-018) to Z1000 (43041-030). Main wiring loom changed to Z1000 part numbers. 

As with the A4 model, I cannot give precise frame numbers of production dates but it is known that the A5 went on general sale in September 1976 at the same (Z750-A4)price of 485,000 Yen. Research has led to what I consider to be a fairly accurate conclusion that the frame number start was in the region of Z2F18403, and certainly not Z2F19583 quoted in other publications.This was the last of the models to have frame numbers quoted as Z2F…… Production continued until May 1977 when the last model rolled of the production line at frame number Z2F20300. In the 10 months of production, only about 1900 motorcycles were manufactured, which was not even half of what KHI was averaging during 1973 to 1975.                                                                                                                                          

      Z750-A5 Sales Brochure


                                                                                                                           Front, rear and centrefold images

     Z750-A5 Specifications

Colour: Diamond Wine Red or Diamond Sky Blue.

Owner’s Manual: 99997-380-01

Shop Manual: No information

Parts Book: 99997-103-51 (First Publication: 25 Sept 1976)

Service Log Book: No information

     Selective Z750-A5 Part Numbers

Clutch Lever Assembly 46076-054

Speedometer 25006-076

Tachometer 25016-028