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Hardly rocket science to understand that this model was a direct Japanese equivalent to the Z900-A4, and clearly resembled its worldwide big brother. For once Kawasaki offered this model in the two colour options available for the 900, namely Diamond Brown or Dark Green. Retail price was at 485,000 Yen. 

Production started in early 1976, however information relating to frame numbers and production start remains unclear. Several publications have quoted frame start number at Z2F18403, but having studied these models for some time, it is clear that this number is incorrect. I have seen several Z750-A4's with frame number lower than 18403, the lowest I've seen is Z2F167**, while the highest Z2A frame number I know of is Z2F160**. It is known that the model went on general sale in March 1976 and indeed, the date of 5 March 1976 quoted on the parts book would underline this. Having made extensive enquiries about this anomaly, together with known production figures for the Z2 range, it is reasonable to assume that production started probably in February where production figures would indicate a start number in the region of Z2F16421.

The bike itself continued to adopt the black painted engine, but apart from that, it looked pretty much like the Z900-A4 with twin discs up front and drum on rear. The saddle remained European style with the strap, and the rear fender the short USA type. Also, the forks and rear shocks lost their reflectors.The carburettors remained at 26mm, but now that the Z900-A4 was also running 26mm, the carb assembly became the same part for both models. The headlight assembly remained as per Z2 / Z2A

The model retained the same style speedometer as the Z2A with its red line running from 80 to 220 KPH, but now that the idiot light panel was of the same style as the 900, the speed warning indicator light had to be moved to prevent it being obscured. It therefore lost its place on top of the headlight shell and ended up being rather crudely attached to a bracket that was fixed to the handlebars.

Last, the side panel badge obviously changed to Z750 following the same graphical style of the Z900. A small sticker with the word “FOUR” was placed beneath the side panel badge almost as an afterthought. Clearly, Kawasaki didn’t want anyone to confuse the model with the same named Z750 Twin model!

Despite the fact the engine remained unaltered and carburettors remained at 26mm, Kawasaki quoted an increase from 69 to 70 maximum Horsepower. Top speed quoted was reduced from 200 KPH to 190 KPH. 

The production run for the 750-A4 was quite short and lasted for approximately 6 months with a total (estimated) of only 1980 being made before it was replaced by the very similar A5 model.

     Z750-A4 Brochure


                                                                                                                          Front, rear and centrefold images

     Z750-A4 specifications

List Price: 485000 Yen

Colour: Diamond Brown or Dark Green


Max Horsepower: 70 BHP at 9000 RPM

Bore x Stroke: 64mm x 58mm

Displacement: 746cc

Final Drive Ratio: 2.80 (42 rear tooth / 15 Front tooth)

Final Drive chain: 96 Link

Carburetion: 4 Mikuni VM 26 SC

Top Speed: 190 KPH

Quarter Mile: 12.5 Seconds  



Owner’s Manual: 99997-360-01

Shop Manual: no information

Parts Book: 99997-103-50 (First Publication: 05 Mar 76) *

Service Log Book: No information 


* Note: The Z750-A4 parts book is written as a ‘supplement’ to the Z2 parts book. On 20 March 1976 Kawasaki created an amendment to this supplement and gave it part number 99997-103-03.

      Z750-A4 Part Numbers (main differences to either Z2 or Z900-A4)

    Side Panel Badge: 56018-237

    Frame: 32002-152

    Brake Master Cylinder: 43015-018

    Instrument Loom: 25011-051

    Tail Light assembly: 23024-081 

    Speedometer: 25006-057

    Tachometer: 25016-028

    Speed warning light: 23016-020 *

    Bracket for above: 32060-017 *  

    Rear Shock Absorbers: 45014-107 

                 * Shown in image below

       Miscellaneous images