Kawasaki Z2 - 750RS

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Kawasaki’s first foray into police motorcycles began in the late 1960’s when they produced the Police version of the W1 and W2 civilian motorcycles. These bikes were of limited success and could not compete with Honda’s acclaimed Police version of the CB750.

In 1973, Kawasaki decided to challenge Honda’s dominance of the domestic police market by producing their own Police Z2 model. In March of that year, Kawasaki produced 4 prototype Z2P models which were used for demonstration purposes and testing to police units throughout Japan. It can only be assumed that they were not considered a worthy replacement for the tried and tested CB750. The only police force to place an order for the Z2P was the Hyogo Prefecture which just so happens to be the home prefecture of Kawasaki motorcycles! In October and November 1973, Kawasaki produced 30 Z2P cycles to fulfil this order. It seems that these were the only Z2P bikes manufactured throughout the Z2 production of 1973-75. With just 34 made in total it makes it one of the rarest Z-models in existence.

The frame number of the Z2P was: Z2P00001-00034, whilst the Engine number remained with the standard Z2E……..number. 

Above are a couple of pictures of Z2P recently featured in a Japanese magazine. My thanks to Kei Tsukamoto for assisting with the translation of the article.

This Z2P was previously owned by a guy who lives in Osaka and rode about 3000km then just kept in his garage. He handed down it to the current owner seven years ago. At that time, the Z2P was not in good condition, especially the paint of the tank and cowl which was poorly re-painted.  Interestingly, the engine is painted clear not black as usual. Possibly they thought the black engine was not suitable for police motorcycles, however the later (30-off) production used the black engine. The frame number of this one is Z2P00001 and the engine number is Z2E00342. The original speed meter was recorded about 50,000km.

The tank “KAWASAKI” emblem is short pitch for attachment screws.
The speedometer is not original, it is currently using a W meter for police. The size is the same, but the position of the input cable is different.
There is a lever which is located on the bottom of the left switchgear used for recording the speed. When you pull the lever, the pointer of the speed meter stops (I guess).
Z2P does not use a tachometer, therefore a blanking grommet is put on the engine.