Kawasaki Z2 - 750RS

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      1975 Model Z2A

   Postcard issued with 1975 Japanese magazine - Images of the '75 model appear hard to come by. Little publicity material seems to have been produced by Kawasaki for this model

Production of the Z2B type model commenced during the spring of 1975 from frame number circa Z2F10337 and lasted until January 1976 when the last of the 750RS models was produced. As with the changes from Z1A to Z1B, all of the design modifications that KHI implemented at this time were equally applied to the 1975 Z2A model, the change to O-Ring drive chain being the principal modification. 

Once again, the Engine was to remain painted black, and as with the previous 2 models, KHI only offered the bike in one colour scheme – Candy Super Blue at a retail price of 465000 Yen. 

One noticeable similarity to the 1974 model is that the style of the side panel badge did not change (as per Z1B style). There was never a “750” side panel badge made in the Z1B style and this is possibly one reason why KHI never designated the model as Z2B.

      Z2A (1975 model) specifications

All specifications are as 1974 Z2A except as follows


List Price: 465000 Yen

Colour: Candy Super Blue with White/yellow/Black stripe only

Owner’s Manual: 99997-326

Shop Manual: 99997-200

Parts Book: No information

Service Log Book: 99997-401

      Z2A Documentation


These were the typical documents supplied with the Z2A. They were the same document set for both the 74 and 75 models

Top left: Owner's Registration Card

Top right: Service Handbook 99997-401. Required as part of Japanese Traffic Regulations. Should be carried when riding

Bottom left: Owners Manual 99997-326.           There are at least 4 different dated editions I have seen of this handbook although all look identical from what I have seen.

Bottom right: Cover Card.   Translated literally- The way of checking and maintenance for Kawasaki motorcycle 750RS-Z2                                                  Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd                                            Kawasaki Motorcycle Sales Ltd