Kawasaki Z2 - 750RS

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      1974 model Z2A

      Production start: November 1973

      Production cease: circa February 1975

      Frame Numbers: Z2F03688 to Z2F10336

      Approximate number of model produced: 6650       

Production of the 73 model Z2 finished in October to be replaced by new Z2A model. Manufacture started in November (frame number Z2F03688) so that official sales could commence for January 1974.


As to be expected, changes to the model closely followed that of Z1 to Z1A, and accordingly the bike looked like a 750cc Z1A, for example the Z2A got the Z1A type tachometer and warning light cover. In fact all of the Z1A changes were applied to the Z2A, the only difference being that the Z2A engine remained painted black. This was a feature that was to stay throughout the life of the model. Clearly the Japanese biking public liked their black engines.


The model went on sale for 448000 Yen but was only made available to the Japanese market in the Candy Green with White/yellow stripe option. It is interesting to note that in the Z2A parts book the brown/orange version (2E code) is listed, so for those with deep pockets, the option of buying the 2E parts & standing out in the crowd was a possibility. The only other noticeable change was that the rear dampers reverted back to the customary red reflector type that we all associate with the (USA) Z1. The speed warning set up remained the same, but the additional wiring required (as mentioned on the Z2 page) was now incorporated into the instrument loom (Z2A Part No: 25011-044)


Production continued throughout 1974 until around February 1975 where at this time that things become a little bit messy regarding model designation. While the rest of the world was witnessing the demise of the Z1A and birth of the Z1B, in the Japanese market this change of model designation never happened for the Z2 range and so accordingly the Z2A model continued through to the same time (approximately) as that of the change to the Z900, that is, there never was a Z2B model.


It is not entirely clear why Kawasaki chose not to re-brand their model, but reference is made in most Japanese publications to a change of model during Jan / Feb / March 1975 with the accepted cut off frame number in the region of Z2F10336. Some publications do refer to the new model as a Z2B while others do not, but since KHI officially do not, I will refer to this bike as the 1975 model Z2A.             


                                                                                                       Below: 2 rare images from 1974 Japan Motorcycle show


      Z2A (1974 model) specifications

      All specifications are as Z2 except as follows


      List Price: 448,000 Yen

      Colour: Candy Green with white/yellow stripe only 

      Owner’s Manual: 99997-326

      Shop Manual: 99997-200

      Parts Book: 99997-103-01 (First publication: 30 Dec 1973)

      Service Log Book: 99997-401

      Z2A Brochure Images



                       Above: Superb Images from 1974 brochure.        Below left: Front cover of '74 range brochure.        Below right: Joint 750-RS and 650-RS brochure image (3 exerts)



      Selective Z2A Part numbers

Cylinder Head: 11005-137

Carburettor Assembly: 16001-213

Instrument wiring loom: 25011-044

Brake Master Cylinder: 43015-012

Master Cylinder Cap: 43026-003

Airbox: 11038-001 

      Changes within the Z2A model




Drive chain oil pump

16082-037 to 16082-056 






               to Z2F03835                        03835 to Z2F04303                   Z2F04303 onwards

The horn (27003-029) changed from the 3-piece leaf bracket to 4-piece unit (27003-053) at Z2F03823 (Z1 = Z1F031667)

The Voltage Regulator changed to the seperate Black Earth lead type (21066-013 to 21066-019) at Z2F04303 (Z1 = Z1F036187)

The rectifier also changed to the seperate Earth lead type at Z2F06320

The 5/40 degree Automatic Timing Advancer (21148-004) changed to the 20/40 Advancer unit (21148-005) circa Z2F03950