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FOR SPORTS FANS....  READ ABOUT DUERSON and other top achievers
in the book -- 'WINNERS"

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This book discusses the rise of extreme political ideologies and  the TEA PARTY.  It also includes insight into the most serious social, political and educational issues of our times --  using light-heart jokes, sarcasm and humor. It is an interesting and informative view of major social problems.  Using pictures, graphs, and data -- it offers analyses into  the attack-dog politics thrust upon the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT via the TEA PARTY rallies.  Who are the  real sponsors of the protests against the Government?  Are their complaints legit -- or are they simply 'talking points' of a conservative agenda?




SPORTS Training...

Joseph Lee, Jr.  played football with the SUPER BOWL WINNING TEAM --  New York Jets, ---and he is also a major supporter and promoter for "the Edutainment Project" sponsored by WOCF. Trainer Joseph Lee, Jr. specializes in teaching football technique and game strategy, and has coached football at various colleges. He has coached teams at So. Calif. colleges, in the USIFL --and in other leagues.

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