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To Join Us

The 3rd New Hampshire Regiment is always looking for new members. Re-enacting the American Revolution is a unique and rewarding hobby that sets one apart from the rest, and instills a sense of national pride and love of history. Becoming a member is not as difficult as one may think, we help you along and streamline the process. The cost for a family of four is similiar or even less than getting involved in skiing and many other family hobbies, usually an initial commitment for a family of about $1000 to $1800 for the first year, much less for an individual, $500-$1000 for the first year.

Download Cost comparison File: Family Hobbies

Download Initial Cost for Individual Soldier

The 3rd New Hampshire Regiment has no 21st century political affiliations, our members belong to many different political parties and ideologies, we hold no religious affiliations, our members represent many different beliefs and creeds. We demand full respect and tolerance for all beliefs in our membership.

What is required for new members:

#1 - We are looking for members to become "soldiers", those who re-enact the military aspect of Living History. You will become a "Continental Soldier" of the 3rd NH Regt circa 1777-79, with an expanded range of 1775-1781. Family members are also welcome and can portray civilians associated with the Continental Army if any choose not to become soldiers. To answer a common question we do not typically do "1st person" interpretations ie; a specific historic individual, rather we portray Continental soldiers in general in the "3rd person".

#2 - We ask that at least one member of a family commit to becoming a soldier, and that all applying as individuals become soldiers.

#3 - PAID EVENTS: We have at the moment only two paid events each year that pays much of our annual budget, a Memorial Day ceremony in Hollis NH, May 31st, and our annual encampment in Londonderry NH on the third Saturday of August every year. We ask that all members participate in at least one event regardless of participation in our other events, and that you reserve time in your personal calendar every year.

At this time we are adding a $10 surcharge to current Individual and Family annual membership rates for those members who did NOT participate in a paid event the previous year (and of course we do not charge new members this surcharge as they could not possibly have done anything the previous year).

#4 - Clothing, uniforms and equipment

Clothing and equipment can be tricky for any new reenactor, but it does not have to be. We have loaner clothing and equipment available for new members but eventually you need to acquire your own (and then another new member will be able to use the loaner gear).

We have:

A) Some muskets and accoutrements that can be borrowed by trustworthy new members.

B) A company wedge tent (or maybe two) that can be used for encampments.

C) Some mens and womens clothing and a few pieces of childrens clothing.

Eventually you will have to get your own gear. A major part of this for soldiers is an outer coat, either our standard regimental "Lottery" coat or a civilian style "Militia" coat. For specifics go to the Uniform Requirements Page.

The Lottery Coat

The Militia outfit:

Go here for the Uniform Requirements Page

#5 - We do not have great physical demands on our members (as some of us are quite out of shape) but re-enacting battles does require at least some basic physical health that permits you to stand in formation for extended periods and to march over uneven ground for short distances (1 or 2 miles), and do understand that many of our events are outdoors in the heat of summer (in wool uniforms).

#6 - Being the most expensive item on the list to aquire ($500-$1000) the musket purchase can be held off for awhile while you build your uniform kit, but it must be eventually purchased. While you do have a choice of arms to purchase (a greater choice compared with many other groups) we do require that it be a replica FLINTLOCK SMOOTHBORE MUSKET or FOWLER of 18th century design, capable of being fitted with a flashguard and with a minimum barrel length of 39 inches (barrels must be of a minimum length to be able to fire safely from the rear ranks over the shoulders of the front ranks, so NO CARBINES). Rifles are NOT permitted, and percussion weapons are also certainly NOT permitted.

Some examples, but not limited to:

So if you are ready to bite the bullet contact us:

Captain John Glover

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