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Schedule of Events-2017

We normally arrive on Friday afternoons for weekend encampments and leave Sunday afternoons. The camps are usually closed to visitors on Fridays while we set up, and open to the public on Saturday morning. For one day events specific arrival times will be listed as the info comes.


A note on uniforms for events:

Continental means the Regimental coats (rifle frocks secondary) with equipment appropriate for a Continental soldier. Militia means early Rev War civilian dress Battle Road standards with appropriate militia equipment, no uniforms or rifle/hunting frocks. Mixed means Regimentals preferred but we want all to participate so wear what you have. Parade Dress means your best for parades, sharp and clean. Full Battle Kit means armed and ready for war with musket, bayonet, pack, cartridge box, ammunition and canteen. Canteens are MANDATORY for all soldier participants in Battle or Parade events.


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April 9 - Infantry Drill, Newfields, NH

This is a non-public drill to go over (primarily) line drill and the Manual of Arms. Other topics covered may be: light infantry, sentry posting, carrying yourself both under and not under arms (i.e., how to salute officers, etc.). Dress is period, but not specific. This is being held at the Hummel residence in Newfields, NH.

April 22 - Artillery Drill, Rye, NH

This is a non-public drill to go over artillery drill. This will cover not only manning the gun but also moving it on the field. Dress is period, but not specific.

May 13/14 - UTA Artillery School, Scotland, CT

This event, hosted by the United Train of Artillery (UTA), is the same artillery school we attended in 2015. This year, however, we will be assisting UTA in teaching. Dress is Royal Artillery if you have it, any period dress otherwise.

May 20/21 - Escape from Boston, Newbury, MA

Impression: Infantry. This is a "what if" event. What if the British attempted a break-out from Boston during the seige? Early war militia dress is most appropriate for this event.

June 3/4 - Redcoats and Rebels (Old Fort Niagara), Youngstown, NY

Impression: Artillery. Dress: We will be fielding as Royal Artillery for this event. For anyone fielding as infantry, any militia kit would be most flexible.

June 17/18 - Town of Conway, MA 250th, Conway, MA

This is a PAID event. This will be a largely static display (like we did for Deerfield last year) portraying artillery. Dress: Royal Artillery kit is best, but militia gear is acceptable as well.

July 8/9 - Battle of Hubbardton, Hubbardton, VT

Impression: Infantry. Dress: Early war (1776) regimentals if you have them.

August 5/6 - Rebels & Redcoats, Old Sturbridge Village, MA

Impression: Artillery. Dress: Royal Artillery. Militia kit for infantry.

August 12/13 - Fort McClary, Kittery Pt., ME

Impression: Infantry. Dress: Regimentals if you have them.

September 30/October 1 - Revolutionary War Weekend, the Fort at #4, Charleston, NH

Impression: Infantry. Dress: Regimentals if you have them.

October 21 - Battle of Chase Farm, Lincoln, RI

Impression: Infantry. This is a new event being put on by Tommy Tringale. It's infantry-only, but we don't yet know which side we'll be on, so dress is unknown yet. Stay tuned for updates.

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