3rd Maine Co F

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Richard "Rick" Shogren



  Rick Shogren was one of the original members of the Florida State Reenactment Society and served as Captain of Company F for many years. A life long history buff and fierce leader of soldiers on the reenactment field,he also served in the 4th Brigade as Major and  Lt. Colonel . He will be greatly missed and to most of us will always be "Captain Rick".


    February 24,1943- December 10,2014

 Sing Not To Me by S.B Wing, From the book, Portrait of a Soldier

Sing not to me in the minor key

For my flesh is tired and wounded tonight

Give me but a ray of that heavenly day,

Turn sadness to joy my soul to delight.


While here a stranger far from home,

Affliction's waves may round me foam;

And, though like Lazarus, sick and poor,

My heavenly mansion is secure,

I'm going home, I'm going home.


Home returning from the fight,

They win their way with noble scars.

They point to wounds, by traitors hands,

Who fought against the stripes and stars,

Beautiful stars, beautiful stars,

Stars of our Union, beautiful, beautiful stars.