3rd Maine Co F

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              COMPANY F NEWS


    The Second Quarterly Business Meeting was held at Narcoossee on March 26th.This is a short summary.     

      Most of the discussion involved future events for our group.

      We decided to attend the Battle at Andersonville on October 6-8th this year.

      We also decided to add the 155th Gettysburg in July of 2018 as an event.

       *Also please note that the Wekiva Falls dates have changed to June 16-18th.

  The First  Quarterly Business Meeting of 2017 was held at the Brooksville event on January 21st. This is a short summary.

        Joe Smart was commended for the great job  reconditioning John McConnaughy's donated  rifle.         

         Board elections were held and these are the results:

             President  : Jan White

             Secretary:  Spencer Polly

             VP / Treasurer  : Debbie Kocha

              QM / 1st Director : Tony Kocha

              2nd Director  : Tom Anderson

              3rd Director : Jane Smart

          Theresa Cob expressed appreciation for the love and support she had received from Co. F.


                           The Company email address is: thirdmainecof@yahoo.com