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L O V E your pet
Learn…. educate yourself to know the problems and signs
Overcome….the obstacles that can take your pet from you
Voice….your concerns and opinions to your vet
Enjoy….every moment you have with your pet

All of us working on the front lines of the greyhound adoption effort are acutely aware of the wide spread infestation of ticks at greyhound breeding, training, and racing kennels, and the consequent need to \"de-tick\" incoming greyhounds. What most adoption volunteers are blissfully unaware of that those very ticks--now forgotten--may well have exposed the greyhound to serious tick-borne diseases which can lead to illness and death months and even years after the greyhound has been adopted into a loving home.

A rickettsial disease transmitted by ticks infected ehrlichia organism.
A protozoan disease transmitted by ticks infected with the babesia organism.
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) is an important zoonotic disease that may cause clinical signs in both dogs and humans.
Nantucket has one of the highest rates of tick-borne diseases in the world. “ Article published Feb 6, 2005 - Nashua Telegraph.

The greatest challenge is the recognition of the symptoms and pursuit of the correct diagnosis. Identification of tick-disease is determined from a blood serum sample and analysis by a laboratory with the proper equipment to perform an Indirect Florescent Antibody (IFA) test. Although it is rarely considered in the diagnostic babesiosis has a long history in the United States. The existence of babesiosis was discovered on Florida greyhound farms in the 1930's. Recent testing done by the University of Florida on 400 Florida racing greyhounds from all over the state disclosed that over 50% were seropositive with the disease. Studies done by the University of Illinois  in the early 1980's established the existence of babesia on greyhound farms in Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

Symptoms can be so subtle …… merely being that the dog is “ just not it’s self”, light diarrhea, throwing up small amounts,  not eating as much as always (check the websites or your doctor for other symptoms). It’s a simple test - but be sure to get the FULL test…. It may cost $250 - $350 but it can save a life and much more costs if not quickly diagnosed. Babesiosis can be subdued and “hidden” for years until one day triggered - then can act quickly - ending with the possible loss of your loved one. This “Pre-test” can alert you to this potentially deadly problem. Can be treated before it ever shows up - or at least you and your vet can be aware of the possibility of it showing up - so you can both react more quickly. Your Vet may or may not test UNTIL YOU request it - or may just do the basic test - not the full test.
Why do I tell you this….. I lost my little girl - Lambie Pie -  a beautiful greyhound at the age of 8 ½ in part to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever….. In December 2004. Take caution and knowledge too…. Regarding the places you board your pets at. Dogs are being brought in from all over to do shows….. Boarding facilities that show dogs in the close areas of the boarding kennels - can potentially subject your pets to ticks and other problems brought in unknowingly. We can’t protect our pets 24/7 -  but we can do our best - and the first step is learning. I hope you may never experience the hole in my heart that I must endure. My suggestion is to have your vet contact Protatek labs for advice.

PLEASE…. PLEASE…. Test your dog…. Protect your dog…..
LOVE your dog.
We adopted another girl soon after our loss…. Cofax - we had her and ReRun tested - Cofax tested fine. ReRun tested positive to Babesiosis - it lied dorment in him.          Because of his age we couldn't treat it…. ReRun passed away April 19, 2007 from a heart tumor, the day after his 12th Birthday.          Help us help others.

YOU CAN ALWAYS EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFORMATION..... please at least pass the word around ....          

We are not specifically asking you for donations,  but we are assisting you by providing information for you to make your own decisions. 

They are wonderful to help support us this way and I could not  do this without them. Together we have already helped other animals in many ways. But we need you to be part of our team.    Please help.... if in anyway.... by passing this information on to someone else.  Thank you. ns and support through ARL that gave him the opportunity and time that he did have with his forever family.


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