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3 Angels Power Film Production INC 

provides you with
multi services in  multi languages, and concentrates on film, 
video_ DVD, and theater production. 
3 Angels Power Film Production 
special skills in producing, directing, filming, cinematography, 
research/ script writing, 
casting, hosting and executive producing. Our films/videos 
deal with many genres, and introduce new ideas for music videos, biographies, 
short/long documentaries, commercials, Web commercials, promos, 
video hits, TV plays, reality TV, web series, feature presentations, film/ slide/ 
photo transfers to video, screen tests, demo tapes, training 
optional photo shoots, and web page/posters/Flyers/T-Shirts/business cards, design. 
Our clients are professional actors, singers, 
wrestlers, and company owners.

Angels in Action!!!
Here's a quick update, 3Angels Power Are in the process of making a thriller under the title of "Unfit Misfit". 
As promised, "Unfit Misfit" soundtrack will have music from around the world. So far, we have Jano Feghali Salim Assaff, ,Wissam Chabo, Bedford Davis, Balic Rizo, Christopher Cristofi, Mandy Bo, Ken Wank, Ryda, K.Dub, Sound Pro Music, Tarock Music, and the legendary Spoons. More music coming your way. 

We will always keep you updated with every step we take. Soon more details about the wonderful musicians, and singers who
participated in this unique feature presentation. 


Now, doors are open to all who wish to take a part in our upcoming movie "Unfit Misfit". You can be an Honorary Angel or  a Sponsor. Let your name or establishment get a fair share of promotion, and exposure,  It is up to you to choose how to join our journey, and make a difference in society. Contact our company for a meeting, and more details,  

Honorary Angel:

Your name or establishment will appear in the closing credits.

One promo online

One scene will be shot on location at my establishment or business

A 30 second web commercial written, directed, and filmed by 3Angels Power Film Production INC

Honorary Angel's name will be mentioned throughout the pre, and post production of the movie online via all 3Angels' web pages, and social network.


$700 The establishment's title will be inserted in the movie script for extra exposure, and promotion

$800 -$1000 A free 60 seconds up to 2 minutes long web commercial about my establishment written, directed, and filmed by 3Angels Power Film production INC.

$2000 Sponsor's name or the establishment's name will be on the main movie poster

Sponsor's  name or establishment plus logo will be on the DVD back cover

A free 3 minutes long infomercial about the establishment

$3000 A free 3 minutes long infomercial about the establishment plus a short interview.

A short blog about the sponsors will be released online during the post production of the movie.

3Angels Power Film Production INC 

3Angels Power Film production INC is proud to announce the release 
of Jano Feghali Limited Edition CD worldwide.  For the first time, you 
can own this amazing album with collectible bonus poster booklet. 
Now available to purchase online only through Ebay.  Order your copy 
today while quantity lasts.  $10 Each. Shipping and handling might apply 
depending on location. 

NB* big quantity must be ordered directly from 3Angels Power Film Production INC. 

Attention: Fans, family, and friends. Don't miss out on this opportunity. 
For the first time, Jano Feghali limited edition CD now available for sale online.
Watch the web commercial in English: https://youtu.be/L8SYvQTSJfw

Franceska Finger NailZ, a local horror movie that is worth your time.
A Newsflash
Read about 3Angels Power Film Production INC, and Franceska Finger NailZ in the awesome blog posted by Tarock Music at the following links:

Watch our latest music video

Franceska Finger NailZ  is ALIVE, and you are all invited to watch the trailer.....

Learn more about Franceska Finger NailZ on DVD, and OST (Soundtrack lyrics, and info) at the following link: 

Franceska is calling.....

Everyone can participate... Don't just watch, Get involved...Place your order today, and encourage a local film scene.   
Buying is a good deed indeed.
Open the door for 3Angels so we can open doors for others. Our intention is to belong, and get along by interacting with the community, and help in making a difference. 

"Franceska" is a movie that was filmed on location  in Cornwall, Ontario. Our mission has been always  to belong, and get along. In the mean time,buying a copy now will open the doors for more near future opportunity, and a chance for those to realize their dream. 

Read about Franceska Finger NailZ epic in one of the most significant/important magazines online AmarBeirut. Here's the link, check it out.

For more info please email: 3angelspower@gmail.com or  threeangelspower@yahoo.com

3Angels Power Film production INC

Latest news....
To all the fans, friends, family of 3Angels Power Film Production INC, 
Now you can enjoy watching `TeenZ`online at DVDZtogo.com  here`s the link: 

Other projects on the table....

The Spoookey Gang web series coming your way......

Behind the scenes interviews for "Franceska Finger NailZ" to be released soon...

"Haneen Al Ghorba", a 10Minutes web series about legendary singers from the middle East, and true talented people. Check our promo, and pilot on youtube..

"Long Way Home" web series, our first episode is now available online.

"Xplore Cornwall"  web series coming your way soon.

"Canada Rock My Soul", Come and take a part in writing history, make a difference by showing the world how good your band/group/dj is. Check it out... You might be one of the lucky ones. It's a golden chance to shine like a star!  Coming soon.......

"Wrestling With A dream" web series, a new episode coming soon...

"Different Views" web talk Show, the pilot is now available online.

More Projects coming your way.........
Nine movie scripts are ready, so stay tuned for more Movies with 3Angels....

Old News.. Archived....
"Music Then & Now" Tickets are on sale NOW. Email 3angelspower@gmail.com or inbox us here on Facebook for more info or tickets in advance. Buy your ticket Today before they're all sold out. Cornwall, don't miss out on an awesome night. Come out, and PARTY with the 3Angels. Door Prizes, .99Cents raffle, gift baskets, and mystery gift bags. All ages are welcome to attend, and participate. Enjoy great music, entertainment, dance contest, musical chairs, trivia, and lots of fun for everyone. Bring your family, friends, and even relatives. It'll be a night to remember.

You can submit your link free at the following links:

Our upcoming web series , a 10 minutes online about true talented people. 
For more info please email threeangelspower@yahoo.com

3Angels Power Film production INC

Are you a true talent or even professional (singer, band/group, musician), and would like to donate a track for our upcoming movies "Soul's Journey", "Long Live The Count". Here's your chance to be heard, and featured in our credits. A clip of the donated track will be showcased in a part of the movie, and the complete track will be on Franceska's soundtrack. A music video will also be done as a bonus to give you the proper exposure, and publicity. Hurry, this is a lifetime opportunity for those who want to shine eternally. Email 3angelspower@gmail.com for more info...  

Pages from the past: 

On March 12th 2012, 3Angels Power Film production INC had the pleasure, and honor to meet with Roxanne Delage (Cornwall Seaway News as photojournalist and music/theatre columnist). She wrote an article under the title of "Filmmakers 
Involve Community", and got published in "Cornwall Seaway News" March 29th 2012,  V.26 issue 29 (page 36) Check out the exclusive pix behind this unique interview taken by our mom Mona Karam (Volunteer Photography) on Facebook. Don't miss out on reading the article, and checking out  3Angels Pic in Cornwall Seaway News. 

It's also available online at the following link: 

3 Angels Power Film Production INC. Copyright 2012 All rights reserved.

Read about 3Angels in Standard Freeholder news paper (local news)

2. Read About the 3Angels on #1 Online news site "Our Hometown. ca" at the following link:
3.Read about 3Angels on Entrepreneurs in Action! page by Mrs. Candy Pollard at Business Enterprise Centre, Cornwall, Ontario:http://www.businessenterprisecentre.ca/index.php?page=3-angels-power-film-productions&hl=en_US

4."TeenZ" will be screened at Cornwall Public Library, check our event page on Facebook..

5.Don't forget to read about "TeenZ", and 3Angels in the Local Seeker at the following link:

Click http://www.thelocalseeker.com/ to view 3Angels Power Film Production INC's "TeenZ" article (V.3, issue 1, page 7) online...

6. 3Angels Power Film Production INC is proud to announce that "TEENZ" is officillay on DVD as promised before X-mas, and now is available to the public.... Check our 3Angels web store online...

3Angels Power Film Production INC

Enjoy  Watching "TEENZ" Official Trailer at

Place your order today... Check our web store online 
Stay tune for more electrifying news coming your way.....


"Different Views With Nat & GK" Web Talk Show by 3Angels Power

Dear friends, viewers, and loyal fans
3Angels Power Film Production INC is proud to announce the launching of a new web talk show 
that deals with social issues "Different Views With Nat & GK" hosted by Gladys Karam, and Nataly 
Restokian. The pilot concentrates on the "Marriage" issue, and practically covers all possible 
related topics such; relationships, dating, freedom, family, and divorce. It's a simple discussion 
between two Lebanese/Canadian women about living in the Canadian society.

The episode was produced/filmed/directed/edited/music by 3Angels Power Film Production INC 
(on location at 3Angels Power home/studio in Cornwall, Ontario. Canada)

You may leave us your comments directly here on youtube or simply email
your issue suggestions, Comments, feedback, and questions to:

3Angels are always ready to hear your positive or negative thoughts. 
Help us make a difference! 
Voice in your opinion... Don't just stand by...


3Angels Power Film Production INC is happy to announce the 
launching of 
episode 1 of "Long Way Home" on March 10th 2011. 
All copyright is reserved. 
The purpose of this particular episode 
is to give the Canadian/American viewers 
a closer look at Nataly 
Restokian, who is a Lebanese model/actress/writer, and a 
talk show 
host on Jaras TV for 5 years including a special message addressed to 
all her fans. All comments, feedback or questions are welcomed.

On the 27th of Feb 2011, 3Angels Power Film production INC  

had the pleasure, and 


to film on location (3Angels' home/studio) 

in Cornwall, Ontario two different 

projects with 

a charming/famous 

Lebanese actress/talk show host, and writer 

Nataly Restokian. 

Stay tuned for more electrifying news coming your way from 3Angels.

Don't miss  out on reading the unforgettable article about "Wrestling With A Dream" episode 6 with EWA. Watch the 
episode NOW on Info-Lutte.
Enjoy reading, and watching the episodes.

Are you interested in buying 3Angels' merchandise here's the link:  

Guess what! Your'e on air with the 3 A ngels

On December 17th 2010, 3Angels Power Film Production INC 


on location 

the first episode of

 Xplore Cornwall web show at PhattyKats, 


the Battle Rap/Performances of several/famous 


artists such as JT & Tek, Strategist, Rogga, RMJ & EWA. 

Stay tuned 

for more electrifying info 


oming your way 

from 3Angels Power.

We are hot, watch out...

Watch our music video "Come On Side" on youtube.

Hurry & Get your copy of 

Xtreme xclusive Xposure music DVD. Just email us 

for more info on how to order..

"Come On Side" DVD and T-Shirt Combo. 

Just email us

for more info on how to order..

Watch our web series "Wrestling With A Dream" 

on dailymotion.

Stay tune for more electrifying news 


the 3Angels,


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If you think YOU CAN BE A SPONSOR to any of our PROJECTS

please Contact the 3 Angels


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to our heaven of creation, and paradise of filmmaking!
The 3 Angels Power Film Production INC lives in A world of creative arts, and glory. If you have the desire in becoming a star in your own sky, make your way our HIGHWAY! The prime objective for this webpage is to discover true talented people, and allow them a chance to participate in making independent movies, and help out in workshops. We are giving an open invitation to all who believe in independent filmmaking. Are you talented enough? Well, our team is looking for people who have passions for films. The 3Angels are looking for students , writers, producers, and new faces to join our force of creativity. However, if you have a question, a comment, or just need an advise, look for the 3Angels, and feel the power. Live the adventure of a new challenge! This site is yours, and for all the creative souls out there! We welcome all of you into our world of creation, and constant action. You may email us with your favourite links, unique pictures, special articles, and creative graphics to make this site valuable, and resourceful.
You may always contact us to find out more information about new projects in process.. Writers and Co producers, talented people, and new faces are welcomed to join our journey of filmmaking.
Nowadays, we are trying to form a team of volunteers in order to make a low budget movie with a high quality.We are currently seeking to meet and develop a working relationship with other producers, screenwriters, new faces, students or any individuals who are interested in making a movie. We are also in search for sponsors, agents or anyone who believes in filmmaking. So, will you give a hand of help to make something out of nothing!!!! Let's get creative, and make a movie.. The 3 Angels believe that nothing is impossible, and everything is possible. If you are interested just let us hear your honest thoughts a.s.p..

watch the 3 Angels in action...

Projects on the table:  

3Angels Power Film Production INC is in the process of pre-production of the music videos for all the donated tracks of "TeenZ"..

Auditions, and Casting calls will be posted online within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more ACTION coming your way.

          Don't forget to watch some of our special videos/films/web series
on dailymotion.

A promo for "Kuwait Places N' Faces" A reality doc, was filmed on location overseas.
"Hollywood Of the East" (Stars & Legends) was filmed in 93 Egypt, Cairo.  

Look for the 3Angels, and FEEL the POWER of

professional Film-making.


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