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My name is Wade. I'm a 47 year old male who was born and raised in Ventura, California. In June of 1995, I moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

I work for a company that manufactures oilfield equipment, which I've been with for 18 years. I specialize with shafting that we use in our equipment.

In regards to cb radios, in 1979, I started out with a three channel handheld from Radio Shack. In 1980, I bought a 40 channel Roadtalker from Sears, a 5/8 wave Crossbow antenna from Radio Shack and my friend's dad made me a power supply. In 1998, I bought a Cobra 148F GTL DX+ and became involved with sideband.

On 1/14/00, I formed the Sierra Fox Dx Group. I started out with about 12 people in Oklahoma. Now, I have over 1,200 members in 61 divisions. I have a lot of fun with the group, and look forward to many great things in the future.

I'm part of other clubs too. My call signs are: CB009, WW009, EA009, CN009 and HT4125.

I have my own site ring. It's called The Mud Duck SiteRing. If you have a webpage that is cb, freeband or ham related, you're welcome to add your site. Also, I own the Sooner CB Net Ring, which is a net ring system for Oklahoma Cb web sites.

If you like top site lists, I own the Q5 11 Meter Radio Top Sites list. This is a top sites list for 11 meter radio sites.

I use to own the Cq 11 Meter Banner Exchange. It was a pain in the ass to operate, because I used my own code instead of using a program to do everything for me.

Well, I guess I had to do it again, so I started the 11 Meter Radio Banner Exchange in January 2006, which is no longer in service.

In regards to the equipment I use in my shack, I have a RCI 2950DX, Varmint XL-50 amp, Para Dynamics PDC300 meter and a Radio Shack 10 amp power supply. In my truck, I use a RCI 2950DX radio and a Wilson 1000 antenna.

If you need to contact me, my e-mail address is: wade99@yahoo.com. Also, there's no guest book to sign on this page.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my homepage. Please feel free to check-out some of my other sites. Take care.

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