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7th January 1970-24th February 1972


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19.00  15 Feb:  So with no further interest for
a Reunion I'm withdrawing my offer
to organise one. Only 13 people
bothered to reply (A 20% return)
and it is not enough to go forward.
To those 13 I'm sorry but there it

On another note this website does 
not run itself. Up until 2 years ago 
site owner Nick was shelling out 
around US$30 /yr. 
For the last two I have paid it. 
Now I can't speak for Nick
but I'm having doubts as to whether
it is worth it as there just isn't  
any worthwhile involvement from 
the vast majority of the 
Just putting it out there.........

13.30 25 Jan:  It would appear that there is not too
                       much appetite for a reunion just yet
                       with only 13 replies in two weeks out 
                       of 63 sent.
                       Unless there is a rapid uptake in the 
                       next few days then I'll draw a line 
                       under it for now.
                       (Of course the vast majority of 
                        people won't know this as they 
                        hardly ever check the website)

20.30 13 Jan:  To those 7 (of 63!) who've replied 
   to my email re a reunion,Thank you.
Three emails bounced so the 
following must have changed 
their contact details; 
Alan Bellis
Hamish Spooner
Dan Horrocks
If you see this guys,or if someone 
can tell them,please let me have 
your new details. 


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48+ Years on and still going strong

(Although starting to wobble a fair bit!)