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Chapter 16
18th Corps Aviation Company

CAC Unit History



June 1971

The 18th Aviation Company was formally re-activated on 1 June 1971 as Delta Regional Assistance Command Corps Aviation Company, provisional 'DRAC-CAC'.


August 1971

The Provisional status was removed on 15th August 1971, and was re-designated as the 18th Aviation Company (corps).  


March 1972

The On March 2nd I972, unit was relieved from 13th CAB control and assigned directly to 164th CAG as a separate unit.

        The 18th CAC (Corps Aviation Company) was the largest Aviation Company in Vietnam, as well as the US Army.  It consisted of over 50 aircraft plus 500 officers and enlisted men.

        A part of the unit was assigned to carry Vietnamese Generals and their staffs.  In addition, operations were undertaken in Aircraft recovery, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions.

        The main aircraft used by the 18th CAC were UH-IB,C,D and,H  AH-1G, OH-6A, and CH47 - A, B, and Cs.

 Below are the known members of the 18th CAC   Black person known,  Blue person unknown,  Red person deceased

1.  Adams

2.  Addington,

3.  Arrington,

4.  Bell,

5.  Burton,

6.  Childers,

7.  Chitwood,

8.  Colley,

9.  Cuyler,

10.  Davidson,

11.  DePriest,

12.  Del Pazzo

13.  Gibson,

14.  Gooch,

15.  Gregory,

16.  Guiglielmo,

17.  Hampton

18.  Hanshaw,

19.  Harris,

20.  Heck,

21.  Hohman,

22.  Kleason,

23.  Krupsky,

24.  Lorenzo,

25.  Love, Alan

26.  Lyle, Hal

27.  McPherson,

28.  Munoz,

29.  Myers,

30.  Oakley,

31.  Poore,

32.  Russell,

33.  Sariengo,

34.  Spiengo,

35.  Spietz,

36.  Steczko,

37.  Thorp, Douglas L.

38.  Toothman,












Chapter 6 contains the names of all personnel assigned to the 18th Aviation Company, 163rd Medical Detachment, 256th Transportation Detachment.

Members of the 18th CAC are listed below


CAC Lineage and Honors

18th CAC Lineage and Honors

(On 15 August 1971 the unit began transitioning over to UH-1 helicopters, in Vietnam as the 18th Combined Aircraft Command (CAC) and is the forerunner of today's 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.)



Consolidation I (30 November 1971 - 1 December 1971)

Consolidation II (1 December 1971 - 29 March 1972)

Vietnam Cease-Fire (30 March 1972 - 28 January 1973)