Army Otter Association of Vietnam Veterans

Chapter 9 - Battalion Support

The following units were in Support of the 18th Aviation Company from Ft. Riley to the end in Vietnam.  After that I do not know at this time.

Supporting Maintenance                                    Supporting Battalion

A/c FM Det 59-60                                           71st Trans Bn 5/59 thru12/61

339th Trans 60-61                                            45th Aviation Battalion

339th Trans Company Vietnam.   61- 63          45th Aviation Bn. 2/62 thru 4/63 ?

339th Trans Company Vietnam.   63-66           52nd Aviation Bn.   ?

256th Trans Det (A/C Maint).       8/65-66       14th Aviation Battalion

256th Trans Det (A/C Maint).       66-71       223rd Aviation Bn.  10/66 thru4/71