1001 Truisms!

( Proverbs-Maxims-Adages-Aphorisms-Cliches and 'Wise Old Sayings'. )

Greetings and Felicitations!

1001 TRUISMS! is probably the most comprehensive list of 'wise old sayings' on the internet.

Here you can also find the biggest list of EXCLAMATIONS in the world (2600+).

There's also a new page for those cute little EXPRESSIONS that your mom and dad warped you with.

 I've recently added a page for all the odd one-liners and quotes that I shamelessly lifted FROM THE NET.

There's another page where viewers of this website have helped add EVEN MORE TRUISMS to my list of truisms.

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LATEST: "Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it." (From People's Court TV Show.)

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'1001 TRUISMS' was originally created as a sort of 'side project' that accidently sprang from an original literary work that I was fussing over called 'PERFIDIA' which was to be a scientific essay on PARADOX SYSTEMS THEORY

'PERFIDIA' is still a work in progress though. You can view what there is of it at: 


"1001 TRUISMS!" then accidently gave birth to "2600 EXCLAMATIONS!" (Ta-Daaahhh!!!)

This website came about from the need to make these voluminous lists easily accessible to the public!

(i.e. - everyone I brag to about it.)

More lists are being compiled as we speak!....So stay tuned!


As we all know, TRUISMS are the 'everyday wisdom' of the common man. 

Most people just take them for granted ( as I did before compiling this list ). But it was while writing a book on physics though that I began to realize that most people had a sort of 'pre-understanding' about certain scientific principles through many of the 'wise old sayings'.

For example...

Truism # 609:  "Opposites attract."  (Goes to magnetism.)

Truism # 714:  "The apple never falls far from the tree."  (Goes to genetics.)

Truism # 896:  " What goes around comes around."  (Cyclical nature of closed systems.)

These everyday truisms work to make nature's rules of the road so simple that virtually anyone can grasp them. 

So I decided to list 
a few of the ones I could remember as examples of this. It would be a little chapter in my new book.

But the next thing that amazed me about truisms was just how many I knew by heart. My list reached five hundred entries before I knew it! So it struck me then that, at that rate, I could list out a 1,001 truisms in practically no time. And THAT would really BE SOMETHING! A unique and useful thingy that everyone could use!....(and make my book more valuable).So I started in picking the brains of my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers who got too close to see what they knew and jotted it all down. I then collected every truism I heard on T.V. or radio or the movies for over a year whenever I couch-vegetated. I then scoured other books and websites and bathroom walls in order to reach my gosh-errific goal of 1,001 TRUISMS!. I think the final tally was around 1031...give or take a lame-oh-ism or two. I then began the herculean chore of sorting through them, throwing out ones that didn't seem to rise to the level of a 'truism' (expressions and exclamations and such) or seemed to be a duplication of another old saying. Of course the list dipped way down again to less than a 1,001 and I had to resort to watching bouncing-booty rap videos (Whoomp! There it is!) and tattoos (No Fear!). 

Finally the magic day arrived! 1001 solid (enough) Truisms! I then laboriously arranged them in alphabetical and numerical order and attached my handy 'derivative code-words' wherever possible.So it took a little longer than 'no time' to finish it,... but when I was done I realized that this list of mine was a seperate book in and of itself...and a valuable one at that! The most comprehensive list of MAXIMS, ADAGES, PROVERBS, APHORISMS, CLICHES, OLD SAYINGS and (fairly decent) EXPRESSIONS that you're ever likely to find. The compiled wisdom of the ages, updated and formatted perfectly!

The one and only, original....'1001 TRUISMS!'


So the next thing I needed was an informative foreword/introduction dealy about truisms and how valuable they are an all,...blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum...and so here that part is:


(I hope you're all taking notes cuz there will be a pop-quiz afterwards.)

Truisms are a unique kind of 'belief system'. The universal appeal of common truisms and the continuous faith they inspire make them the closest thing the world has to a 'one-world religion'. Empires and nations and cultures both past and present have held the same truisms in common.

For example, in Africa they say: 

"When deeds speak, words fall silent!"

In America we say:

"Actions speak louder than words" (Truism #51) . 

Speaking of 'belief systems' (i.e - religion)...many of the truisms I've included are drawn directly from the Bible.

( TRUISM #459:  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".)

In fact, the entire biblical book of 'PROVERBS' is just an ancient truisms list

(Apparently their really is "nothing new under the sun"...Ecclesiastes Chapter 1, verse 9 ).The next thing that amazed me was that most folks seemed unaware of just how many of these old sayings they actually had stored in their memory banks. But start reeling them off to them and they've usually heard 'em all before. But if you ask someone to give you a truism off the top of their head, they'll stammer for quite awhile. Truisms, like old jokes, leave an impression but tend to hide in the memory until jogged to the surface.

Cervantes once said: "Proverbs are short sayings drawn from long experience." 

That, in a nutshell, is the particular charm of a truism. It's a cute little logic pill with a big pay-off. A ready lance in a battle of wits. We may not know who said it, when they said it or even why. But there it is...a distinctly human observation resplendant with irony, brimming with brevity and swollen with profound insights into the nature of things. 

Truisms spring naturally from the soil of human discontent. They can be a welcome help in a time of need or a stinging reality check. The can be a sober warning or an endless well of dry wit. An offhand remark, a juicy wisecrack or a thousand year-old bit of sage advice is voiced and...BANG! They're off and running through the population like Hermes with a hot potato.

Many truisms start out as authored 'quotes' that resound with the reliability of their creator's social or historical stature. 

Others start out as a local colloquialisms that pass on the quaint charm of that neck o' the woods. 

As time passes, truisms can fester in society's memory, easily outliving the author whose name, like a cut umbilical, is dutifully lost to history. 

Truisms can also explode quickly like a reality bomb in the midst of the population sending waves of realization into every corner of the world.

Truisms can also diminish slowly year by year, vanishing with the passing of generations. 

Like footprints in the sands of time, a lost truism takes with it some peculiar human insight that may never come again. 

This is why a good comprehensive list (like the Biblical book of Proverbs) is useful. 

We are lucky to have retained so many truisms from our past and you will be surprised when viewing the list at just how many you already know by heart.

The birthing process of truisms varies considerably... 

Many of the truisms I've listed are little more than peculiar American 'expressions' which would have no meaning to someone from another country ("Whoomp! There it is!"...again). 

Other truisms can be verifiably traced to their authors and could be considered 'quotations' as well as truisms 

("There is nothing to fear but fear itself!" - Roosevelt ).

With this in mind, I believe that it is important to add, where possible, a means of understanding 'whence sprang the truism.' 

To help categorize 'derivative differences', I created some abbreviated code-words (listed below) to help readers understand the true roots of a truism and help assess the reliability (and/or blame) of a truism. 

Where possible, I have inserted them in parenthesis at the end of each listing in order to denote it's peculiar birthright.     

1.  (ADVER.)Denotes an  Advertising slogan or jingle.

2.  (BIBLE)Denotes a Biblical origin.

3.  (BUMPER)Denotes a dose of questionable bumper sticker wisdom.

4.  (GARTH)Denotes a truism that I made up. (Hey! It’s my book, okay?)

5.  (HIST.)Denotes an historical origin or period piece.

6.  (HOLLYWD) – Denotes something that crawled out of Tinseltown.

7.  (LINCOLN)Denotes a quote from a specific person.

8.  (LITER.)Denotes a literary origin.

9.  (MOTTO)Denotes an organizational motto.

10. (N.A.F.T.)Denotes that there is NO-ACCOUNTING-FOR-TASTE in this list.

11. (POLIT.)Denotes a political slogan.

12. (SOC-PSYCH.) – Denotes social psycho-babble.

13. (T.V.) – Denotes something I got from the boob tube.

14. (???)Denotes a real stillborn sucker that makes me question why I’m even including it.


Everybody clear on the above stuff?

Okay then.

Now,…here comes the part where you can try having fun with the list. It’s quite easy.

1. First,…pick a number every day between 1 and 1,001 to find your daily truism. Before you know it, you'll start storing up wisdom like a guru with a laptop! 

2. Next,...think of a popular truism and wager with a friend to see if it's included in the list. Memorize the list and you can cheat a bit. 

3. Then,...read off just one-half of a popular truism to a someone, then ask them if they remember the other half. If they can't remember it, they've just earned an arm-punch!

( "No pain, no gain!"  -  Truism #568 )

So start having fun slugging and huckstering your friends today!

Just click the link under the mini-pic of me (Peace-Garth) below to start viewing the list....and always remember,…

"Nothing ventured,..." (c’mon, you know this one!)


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 - Garth. -

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Oh!...and one last thing I needed to sa-  - Bloht!


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